Product Description

VISBELLA Professional Headlight Restoration Kit DIY Headlamp Brightener Car Care Repair kit Head Lense Clean Polish by machine.


Item Description

VISBELLA windshield repair kit is a handy tool designed to make repairing small cracks in your windshield a breeze in just 30 to 50 minutes.This kit will minimize the appearance of chips and cracks in your windshield and prevent them from spreading any further. It works by removing air from the break and then fills it with a durable resin, making the area eveb stronger than befor. To achieve the best results, repairs should be done as soon as the damage has occurred and before the break is contaminated by dirt ot water.


packing list

3*Adhesive Seal

5*Curing Film,1*Clean Cloth

1*Flexible Metal Tube

2*Black O-ring,1*Razor Blade

1*Push Pin,1*Pedestal

1*Instruction Manual

1*Transparent Sucker

1*2ml Repair Resin

1*Injector,1*UV light

1* Soft blue absorbent wash cloth(not on the picture)


Steps for usage

Step1. Sandwet the sanding disc and attach it to the backer pad. Sand with three different grits to completely remove the heavy yellowing, fading, and corrosion.

Step2. The orange sponge disc to the backer pad and apply the polish paste. Polish the lens until the shine is restored to its original condition.

Step3. Protect

Clean the headlight lens and make sure the lens is dry before continuing this step. Make sure the headlight is not under sunlight(very important). Using the white sponge disc provided in the kit,evenly apply a layer of the protective liquid on the surface of the lens. Allow the protective liquid to sit and dry for 15 minutes. Then, allow the liquid to cure in direct sunlight for 1 to 2 hours.

After step 3, keep the lens dry and do not allow it to be exposed to moisture. Do not wash the car for 24 hours.